Sunday, November 15, 2015

2014 Topps Stadium Club: Mini Box #3 (Packs 5 - 6)

Hey, we made it!  This is the final post of the 2014 Topps Stadium Club bonus box for the group break!  We should have one more autograph yet...and I'm still hoping for the last two base cards that I need.  Who will be happy?  Let's find out.

Mini Box #3 - Pack 5:

Michael Choice - Rangers
Albert Belle - (MINE!)

Matt Kemp - Dodgers
Prince Fielder - Rangers
AUTO:  SCA-MA.  Matt Adams - Cardinals

Yep, the Cardinals land another autograph!  This is St. Louis' second signature from the Stadium Club box!  As for me, that Albert Belle slots right into the empty spot in my binder.  I now have one pack remaining to land the final card that I need from the set...#113.  Let's see if I get lucky!

Pack 6:

Derek Jeter - Yankees
Mike Trout - Angels

Adrian Gonzalez - Dodgers
Koji Uehara - Red Sox
Field Access:  FA-12.  Rickey Henderson - Athletics

Well, I didn't get my final base card.  Nothing can be easy, right?  On the other hand, we did land a nice Mike Trout base card plus that Henderson is pretty sweet in its own right.

That does it for Stadium Club.  We only have the 8 card Topps High Tek box to go and then this break will be officially over!

Here's the video of the Stadium Club box break as well.


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