Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Being "that guy" at the Post Office...

I spent much of last week packing up cards (while the last few group break posts ran on my blog).  Happily, I was able to mail out 16 of the 19 group break packages this past Saturday.  By now, I anticipate that many of you will be receiving your small flat rate box.

That's right.  Everyone in the group break ended up with a small flat rate box from me!  I tried to load each box with additional team related goodies to go along with the group break cards.

As for the small flat rate boxes?

Yeah, I was "that guy" at the post office on Saturday.

Actually, it's not so bad.  I pre-paid for all of the boxes and printed my own labels at home...even so, it still took awhile to get through the line!

Enjoy your cards...I'll return with non-group break posts starting tomorrow if all goes well!  As for the remaining three packages, I had to grab a couple more small flat rate mailers for two people and then a medium flat rate mailer for one final person.  As of now, I have the final three boxes all packed up...but with my work schedule I probably won't be able to get to the post office until Saturday.

After the last few boxes are mailed, group breaks will officially be over for me in 2015!


The Junior Junkie said...

Got mine - very quick! Thanks a ton!

RAZ said...

I got my cards yesterday. Thanks!

DodgerPenguin said...

Received my box yesterday. Thank you again for the break.
Hopefully next years are more "fruitful" for me.

Julie Owens said...

Haven't had a chance to go through mine yet but thank you! I can tell there are a lot of extras. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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