Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Group Break: Chroming It Up!

This morning, I began the process of busting open the final blaster of the group break (2013 Topps Chrome).  This being our second blaster of 2013 Topps Chrome and I still haven't found even one of the ten base cards that I need for my own set.  Will my luck finally change or will the cardboard gods continue to frown in my general direction?  Let's find out.

Pack 2:

Bruce Rondon - Tigers
Brandon Barnes - Astros
Adam Dunn - White Sox
X-Fractor:  Freddie Freeman - Braves

That's a pretty nice pick up for the Braves!  As for me, I'm shut out once again seeing how I had all three base cards from that pack.

Pack 3:

Jose Reyes - Blue Jays

Andrew McCutchen - Pirates
Justin Verlander - Tigers

Adam Warren - Yankees

That pack ended up being pretty strong in terms of player selection...but still no help for me!  Ah well, hopefully everyone in the group break appreciates the chrome additions to the group break haul.  There's still another four packs left in the blaster...maybe I'll luck out in the second half.


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