Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Group Break: The Final Blaster Countdown!

Happy Wednesday ya'll.  In exactly one week, it'll be my birthday so get those gifts in the mail :)

I kid.  

Not really.

Anyhow, today we start our final blaster of the group break - and it's another blaster of 2013 Topps Chrome.  I threw two such Chrome blasters in with the hopes that I would land a few of the base cards that I need for my set.  The first blaster came up completely empty - how will the second blaster fare for me?  Remember, as I stated way back in the beginning of the break, I'm keeping any base cards that I need from the 2013 Chrome blasters (and also from the 2014 Stadium Club box should we land any of the three Stadium Club cards that I need for my base set).

Here we go!

Bonus Pack: (the purple refractor parallels):

Carlos Santana - Indians
Jake Peavy - White Sox

James Shields - Rays
Jonathan Pettibone - Phillies

I'm not collecting the refractors (purple or otherwise) so these all go into their respective team piles.  

Pack 1:

Jonathon Niese - Mets
Mike Kickham - Giants
Marcell Ozuna - Marlins
Refractor:  Carl Crawford - Dodgers

Well, that's one pack where I didn't need any of the base cards.  I've got another six packs' worth of cards to try and get closer to completing my own set.  Otherwise, the group break piles will simply continue to grow higher and higher!


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