Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Group Break: Who You Calling Junk Wax?!

Another round of group break bonus packs - seriously, this break is insane in terms of the number of packs, blasters, and boxes!  I feel like I've been opening packs for weeks and yet there is still a giant pile of unopened stuff waiting for me!

Anyhow, today's bonus packs are a bunch of Topps packs from the late 80s (and 1990).  Want to know what we got?  Watch the video for everything.

I also decided to scan a couple of my favorites because even junk wax deserves love too.  I also realize that my camera records everything backwards (thus it is hard to read the player's name when I hold a card up).  I thought I had that issue solved but I guess not.

Anyhow, back to the cards.  Highlights included a Frank Thomas rookie (probably the card to pull from a pack of 1990 Topps)!

From the 1987 pack (which had the most cards but ended up being the weakest of three packs in my opinion) we did get a nice Roger Clemens All Star card.

The 1989 pack probably was the best of the three (depending on how you feel about iconic rookie cards I guess).  We pulled a sweet Cal Ripken Jr. card...

...and a pair of really nice Ozzie Smith cards.

Congrats to everyone who accumulated more cardboard!  I'll keep the good vibes going with more group break packs in the near future!


Brian said...

So the preview of this post shows the top 3/4 of the Frank Thomas card and for a brief moment I thought - oh man, No Name on Front?!?! Pulling a regular Frank Thomas rookie is still pretty cool, I have to say.

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