Friday, April 01, 2016

Delivery Time! Cards from Anthony (Heritage, Stadium Club & Will Ferrell!)

My Spring Break was at the beginning of March - and during that time I completed a slew of trades with people.  In fact, my 2016 Trade Count is well over 50% of my 2015 Year End Count - and much of that gain can be attributed to Spring Break!

The nice thing about mailing a lot of stuff out is that over the next few weeks, I can expect a lot of fun mail days.  Recently, I had a day where I received four packages (which hearkened back to the early days of my blog)!  One of the packages that day was from Anthony A. who doesn't have a blog (as far as my records show at least).

Anthony sent me a mere three cards - but they were all much, MUCH appreciated since they spanned three different sets...including a pesky Heritage short print.  The short print in question was Wilin Rosario from 2014 Topps Heritage.

I'm working on quite a few Heritage sets - but the 2014 set is definitely a set that I want to finish up soon!  For one, trading for Heritage seems to get harder as the years pass by...but even more importantly, the 2014 Heritage sets is one of my all-time favorite Heritage sets!  I'm obviously ecstatic to be one short print closer to completion.

Speaking of being one card closer, the next card brought my want list down to needing only one more card from the insert set.

That's Will Ferrell as he suited up for the Chicago Cubs.  The insert set is from 2015 Topps Archives - and of the ten cards in the set, I now am only missing #7 (Ferrell as a White Sox).

And finally, a 2014 Topps Stadium Club card of Johnny Bench that had somehow eluded me until now.

The above card is actually the final card that I needed for my 2014 Stadium Club set!

That's right, in a single 3-card PWE, I managed to grab a short print, half of my remaining needs for the Will Ferrell insert set, AND complete my 2014 Topps Stadium Club set.  I'd say that was one heckuva envelope!

Thanks for the trade Anthony!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


Adam Kaningher said...

Love that Bench card! What a great one to put the finishing touches on the set.

Also, it's pretty unusual to see a Rockies card in my Blogger feed unless it's my own post.

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