Thursday, June 30, 2016

1994 Fleer: Feel the Bern.

This is the third consecutive day that I've posted a pack out of my 1994 Fleer baseball box.  I don't plan to bombard everyone with a pack (or more) per day, but it's worked out that way this week since I'm in the midst of cleaning up my basement (aka "man cave") and posts like this are relatively easy to work out!

Anyhow, here's the third pack - and it's the first with multiple Reds' cards in it is the first pack to not have a Prospects insert card.

Pack 3:
214.  Pat Meares
251.  Bernie Williams

276.  Bob Welch
312.  Charlie Leibrandt
317.  Geno PEtralli
333. Juan Guzman
392. Randy Myers
402.  Willie Wilson
410.  Willie Greene
430.  Jerry Spradlin
574.  Charlie O'Brien
641.  Tom Pagnozzi
679.  Tim Worrell
719.  Checklist

That Checklist is a stealth Twins' card - look carefully in the background of the card!
All-Stars:  11.  Pat Hentgen

These are some of the most patriotic cards out there - though in the case of Canada's Toronto Blue Jays, shouldn't there be a Canadian flag in the background instead?!  Even so, it's a nice card design!  
I'm definitely enjoying my slow rip through the Fleer box.  I still haven't found any cards from the 1 - 200 number range which seems weird, but otherwise all is good!


Tim B. said...

That's a great Bernie! If you pull a dupe, I'd love to trade ya for it. This really is an underrated set.

Colbey Hopper said...

I have lots of fond memories opening 1994 Fleer. Wasn't that one of the first 90's products that guaranteed one insert per pack?

The Lost Collector said...

I've never see that Bernie. It's cool. I always liked those All-Star cards as well.

'94 Fleer is great. Loved the Sunoco set too!

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