Monday, June 06, 2016

More Group Break Bonus Cards!

Today is my wife's birthday - so this post is my present to all group break participants in honor of my lovely bride!  Once again, I'm still waiting on the "real" boxes to arrive - so how about another bonus pack?

Before I get to the bonus pack, I want to remind those that haven't yet paid (or arranged for payment) to please do so ASAP.  I won't open the boxes up until all the slots are paid for (I've been burnt in the past).

This time around, it's another true wax pack - from 1989 - Fleer baseball!  This is a 15 card pack (plus a sticker).  Good luck everyone.

Sticker:  Braves

You won't see that Braves logo much (if ever) again.
Dave Martinez - Expos
Rey Quinones - Mariners
Rick Reuschel - Giants
Jim Walewander - Tigers
John Shelby - Dodgers
Brady Anderson - Orioles

Gerald Young - Astros
Carney Lansford - Athletics
Matt Williams - Giants
Claudell Washington - Yankees
Kevin Gross - Phillies
Paul Kilgus - Rangers

Al Hall - Braves
SuperStar Special:  Roberto Alomar & Sandy Alomar, Jr. - Padres

Tim Jones - Cardinals

Another nice stack of cards - and these are all bonus cards too!


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