Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The End of the 2000 Fleer Tradition Box (Finally!)

The time has finally arrived for me to finish off my box of 2000 Fleer Tradition.  I've had a lot of fun going through the first 34 packs, let's finish off the final two packs of the box now!

Pack 35:
15.  Manny Ramirez

34.  Eddie Taubensee
51.  Quilvio Veras
154.  Ivan Rodriguez
157.  Andy Benes
298.  Fernando Seguignol
326.  Mickey Morandini
347.  Jose Jimenez
407.  Rico Brogna
Who to Watch:  6.  Peter Bergeron (yet again)

Well, that pack didn't offer much did it?  Plenty of duplicates, including the insert.  Bummer all the way around.

Pack 36:
10.  NL ERA Leaders:  (Randy Johnson, Kevin Millwood, Mike Hampton)
35.  Pedro Astacio
159.  Pedro Martinez
195.  Greg Vaughn
211.  White Sox prospects (Aaron Myette and Josh Paul)
302.  Andy Ashby
350.  Chicago Cubs team
402.  Chad Allen
421.  A.J. Hinch
Who to Watch:  6.  Peter Bergeron

Seriously, the final two packs both yielded a Peter Bergeron Who to Watch insert.  That kind of stinks (especially since I've already pulled TWO other Bergeron cards before this post)!

That concludes my box of 2000 Fleer Tradition.  By the time this post is live, I would think that my want list is all up-to-date...any help you can give me with this set (or any other set on my want list) is much appreciated!


Angus said...

I think they really wanted you to watch him. I remember watching him play AAA ball with the Ottawa Lynx!

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