Monday, July 25, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter: The Case of the Missing Mini.

Each box of 2016 Topps Allen & Ginter contains 24 packs.  I am now ready to rip open packs 11 & 12 from my first box - which means I'll be at the halfway point after this post (and we've already found two of our three promised hits).  Let's hope we end the first half of the box on a high note!

Box 1 - Pack 11:

43.  Jake Odorizzi
51.  A.J. Ramos
102.  Aaron Nola
170.  Max Scherzer
179.  Jen Welter

294.  Carlos Rodon
307.  Russell Martin

A pack with nothing but base cards is unusual, though I did get a short print (Martin).  I scanned the back of the Welter card because it's the revenge of Panini - notice that Topps couldn't use the Arizona Cardinals team name in the description!

And one more thing about Pack 11.  Did you notice something missing?

That's right.  I was shorted a mini!!  This is upsetting to me since I'm trying to collect all of the mini inserts - and who knows, perhaps the missing mini was going to be one of the inserts.  Easily the worst pack of the box so far (and hopefully the worst pack of Ginter that I'll open this year).

Box 1 - Pack 12:

9.  Tom Glavine
14.  Kendrys Morales
33.  Ender Inciarte
246.  Mike Francesa
277.  Manny Machado
The Numbers Game:  11.  Stephen Piscotty

Natural Wonders:  12.  Dead Sea

Reg. mini:  222.  Nomar Mazara

At least that pack had the mini in improvement over Pack 11 if nothing else.  Actually, both the Numbers Game and the Natural Wonders inserts are good pulls for me - one card closer to completing both sets now!

That does it for the first half of the box.  Not too bad (other than the one missing mini) - and we should still have one more hit lurking in the box.  I'll have more soon!


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