Friday, July 15, 2016

A New Griffey, Jr. and an Old Larkin. Not Bad.

After quite a lengthy rip process, today we finally reach the midpoint of the 1994 Fleer box.  It's been a fun rip so far - let's hope the fun continues in the second half of the box!

Pack 18:
155.  Tom Gordon
180.  John Jaha
192.  B.J. Surhoff
242.  Matt Nokes
286.  Ken Griffey, Jr.

I've never seen this Griffey before - and it's rather great!  An awesome end to the first half of the box for sure!
293.  Dave Magadan
355. Sid Bream
441.  Joe Girardi

Another nice horizontal shot!
499.  Scott Servais
511.  Dave Hansen
527.  Tim Wallach
687.  John Burkett
696.  Willie McGee
718.  Checklist
All-Star:  20.  Kirby Puckett

We end the first half with another All-Star card.  It's interesting to note that every All-Star card (so far) has been an American Leaguer.  

Pack 19:
143.  Mickey Tettleton
151.  Hubie Brooks
175.  Cal Eldred
205.  Chip Hale
226.  Wade Boggs
227.  Russ Davis
255.  Mike Bordick
667.  Kevin Higgins
673.  Frank Seminara
674.  Craig Shipley (x2)

I don't like getting duplicates in the same box...getting them in the same pack is even worse!
701.  Steve Scarsone
703.  Robby Thompson
704.  Matt Williams
Team Leaders:  17.  Barry Larkin

Pulling a Larkin card from a pack is always exciting for me - even if it is a card that I already own in my collection.  A Larkin always makes for a good even makes up for the duplicate Shipley.


KO Rob said...

I feel like they could have airbrushed out the ball on Puckett's card. A flat out whiff kind of downplays the "All-Star" vibe...

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