Thursday, August 04, 2016

Gint-a-Cuffs: Pack 05 (Back-to-Back Nine Point Packs?!)

The previous pack was the best one of the box so far - if every pack from here on out nets me at least 9 points per pack then I'll be in decent shape.  Let's hope the point parade continues (as opposed to the Yankee parade that happened in yesterday's packs).

Box total so far:  17 points

Pack 05:

5.  Kyle Waldrop (+1, my favorite team)
13.  Kevin Gausman
16.  Trayce Thompson
108.  Justin Turner
Numbers Game:  74.  Jim Rice
Reg. mini short print:  337.  Steve Cishek  (+3 mini SP)
Relic:  FSRB-AG.  Adrian Gonzalez  (+5 points)

Pack total:  9 points
Total so far:  26 points

It took finding my first hit of the box, but I did manage a pair of back-to-back 9 point packs!  I wish of the 1,038,543 (roughly) Dodger fans out there would have chosen Adrian Gonzalez as a favorite player...that would have helped me out!


JediJeff said...

Dodger untrustworthy.

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