Saturday, October 15, 2016

1997 Fleer Sports Illustrated: In Which We Rock My Set Needs!

The 1997 Fleer Sports Illustrated set is a fun set to bust (if you like base cards).  The base set is divided up into a variety of subsets and it's a very colorful set overall.  Given today's insert laden packs, I think I actually prefer the simplicity of sets like the '97 SI set.  It also doesn't hurt that the photography is top notch (since the photos were all Sports Illustrated photographs)!

Pack 4:

28.  Ken Griffey, Jr.
75.  Greg Maddux
93.  Mike Lieberthal
130.  Andy Pettitte
169.  Barry Bonds
Great Shots:  Frank Thomas

First, the good news for my set:  I needed the awesome Griffey, the bunting Maddux, the run-of-the-mill Pettitte, AND the cover story Bonds!  I can't complain at all about getting four new cards for my set (out of 5 base cards).  As for the mini posters, I'm doing as well there so far - in fact, I haven't pulled a single new poster for my collection yet (but the box is still in its infancy so there's plenty of hope yet)!


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