Friday, November 11, 2016

Nearly to 1,000,000 Visitors to Nachos Grande!

Back in August of 2016, I noted that I was nearing the 1,000,000 blog visitor milestone.  While I  haven't been nearly as active on the blog since August (I blame work for that - teaching a new prep is sucking up all of my "free" time), I did happen to notice that I'm probably within weeks, if not days, of crossing the 1,000,000 visitor threshold now!

In fact, as of the time I wrote this post (Friday evening, 11/11), Google says that I've had 994,667* visitors.

Based on my numbers from August 11 of this year, I've had 25,512 people visit since that day - or about 8,500 people per month.  If that rate continues, then I'm scheduled to cross the 1,000,000 milestone sometime before mid-December!

Part of me hopes that someone at Topps and/or Panini will see this and decide that I should be reviewing boxes of their product for them...and like any good reviewer, I'm happy to host giveaways, trades, etc. of the various products!  

For now though, all I can really do is try to keep my head above water at work...and hopefully carve out a bit of time here and there to keep updating my blog.  I certainly appreciate each and every reader over the years - and here's hoping the next 1,000,000 visitors doesn't take nearly so long to achieve!

*I had two more blog visitors in the time it took me to write this post.  994,669 and counting now!


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