Saturday, January 14, 2017

1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Pack #4: A Mattingly Signature

I'm leaving up the final weekend before my semester starts back up by ripping even more old wax.  Here's the fourth pack out of my 1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice box.

Pack 4:
27.  Glenn Dishman
73.  Mark Langston
130.  Bret Saberhagen
168.  Melvin Bunch
194.  Joe Oliver

I don't think I ever knew that Oliver played for the Brewers.
197.  Fernando Vina

A Brewers heavy pack I guess - at least this image is kind of unique.
335.  Dennis Martinez
You Make the Play:  21.  Kenny Lofton (Stolen Base)

I looked up the checklist for the You Make the Play cards.  It turns out there are two versions for every player - one is an out and one is something else from what I can see.  I guess I should have remembered that since I already own both Barry Larkin versions (here's one of them).  

For our game we are playing (thanks again to Matt S. for the suggestion), the stolen base will apply to both our base runners.  It's now second and third, one out in the top of the first.
Silver Signatures:
80.  Mark Grace
100.  Don Mattingly

The Mattingly is kind of cool, seems like an insert but it is actually part of a small subset within the main base set.


The Lost Collector said...

Never seen that Mattingly. Cool!

Tim B. said...

Awesome Donnie Baseball! I'm loving the You Make the Play cards too.

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