Sunday, January 15, 2017

1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Pack #5: In Which I Get a Most Wanted Card!

This ended up being the best pack you'll see very soon.

Pack 5:
28.  Jose Herrera
146.  Bobby Higginson
156.  Terry Pendleton
175.  Jon Nunnaly
205.  Chuck Knoblauch
264.  Dan Miceli
334.  Fernando Valenzuela
You Make the Play:  10.  Jose Canseco (Double)
For our game, Canseco's double puts the first two runs on the board!  Looks like our opponent better start warming up a relief pitcher already.  Canseco knocks in the runners on second and third and finds himself standing at second when all is said and done.  We now have two runs and still only one out.

Silver Signatures:
150.  Andre Dawson
276.  Barry Larkin

Yeah, I pulled a Larkin parallel out of a pack of cards...and it's one that I still needed for my collection!  You better believe that this pull made the entire box worthwhile for me!  
How to Play the You Make the Play game rules insert
The only good thing about this insert is that it doesn't count as a "real" card.

Well, that Larkin signature was a happy surprise.  Today may be the final day before I have to head back to work...but at least my vacation will end on a high note!


The Lost Collector said...

What are the chances?! Great pull. I feel like I need to pick up a box of old Collector's Choice. Such a fun trip down memory lane.

Kin Kinsley said...

Love it! While the interwebz has been great for helping all of us better colelct our players, it's a great feeling pulling a PC card for yourself. There aren't too many in my player PC that I can say I was fortunate enough to pull on my own. The ones I did are pretty much all base, except for the very first one. That's what that one is still my favorite card of all.

-kin (

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