Thursday, January 05, 2017

The Great Reorganization: Step 23: 1995 - Keep 'em or Toss 'em?

For whatever reason, the year 1995 is a relatively thin year in terms of cards in my collection.  I'm not sure why exactly, but I didn't buy much in the way of baseball cards in 1995.  That's good news I guess twenty some years later because it means there is that much less to sort through...and trying to decide what to collect and what to give up on shouldn't be too challenging if I have no emotional attachments to most sets of the year!

As usual, I'll take a look at the different sets and make a judgment as to whether they are worth my time and energy (not to mention dollars) to collect.  For my money, there's no better spot to begin looking at the year 1995 than with Fleer's monster of a set.

The 1995 Fleer set is probably the flag bearer for terrible set design.  I know that some people have learned to love what they ought to hate...but even so, I don't think 1995 Fleer has many supporters out there.  While I guess that would probably make it a relatively easy set to collect, you can count me as another person who wants no part of this set.  Easy choice to toss 'em!

Looking next at a brand that I generally do like, 1995 Pacific.

The '95 edition of Pacific's flagship set isn't too bad at all.  However, I landed the full Reds' team set in a group break (I think) at one point and there really isn't enough that's compelling there to make me want to try for the remainder of the set.  I am fairly sure that some of the Reds from the 1995 Pacific set will make their way into my Frankenset eventually...but for this set, it's another toss 'em decision.

Leaf / Sport Flix / SP / Sonic / Megacards / Collector's Choice SP

I own exactly one card from each of the above four brands...and none of the sets are so nice for me to want to start collecting them "from scratch."  Once again, toss 'em.

Believe it or not, that only leaves me with two more sets to take a look at.  The first is a set that's actually been on my want list for quite some time:  Upper Deck Collector's Choice.

I am an unabashed fan of the Collector's Choice line...and the 1995 set is no exception to my love for the brand.  As it stands now, I am almost done with the set - and this set is now safely tucked away in a brand new binder!  This set gets the Keep 'em designation for sure.

If you happen to have any cards from this set available for trade, here's what I am still looking for.
1995 Collector's Choice Base Wants:  186, 188, 189, 190, 192, 194, 196, 197, 198, 200, 494, 500
As you can see, I'm tantalizingly close to finishing off that set.  Most the cards that I need are either Cardinals or White Sox for some reason (so if you have extras of either of those teams maybe check out your stacks of cards for me)!  The 1995 Collector's Choice set is also one of the sets that I targeted in my 2017 Resolutions/Goals post to complete before the year is up!

Phew!  That might not seem like a lot work when you read the blog post...but it took me quite some time to collate all my 1995 Collector's Choice cards...and even longer to then put them all in binder pages (which is the way I store my sets).

All of that work and there's still one more set that I need to make a decision on and that's 1995 Topps Stadium Club.

While I've been trying to finish off my 1995 Collector's Choice set for quite some time now, I never realized just how close I was to completing the 1995 Stadium Club set (Series I only).  Since I'm a big fan of great photography (and seriously, how awesome is the above Larry Walker card?!), this is another set that I'm going to say "Keep 'em."  I've updated my want list accordingly - and as always, I appreciate any help you can give me!  I won't be bothering to chase after either Series II or III from the set - I must have only busted a single box of Series I at one point in time.

That does it for 1995 - a year that ended up having two "keeper" sets...which is one more than 1994 had so I guess the card companies did something right in '95 (though not Fleer, they were the only company that I decided to collect in 1994 and the next year they were atrocious).


arpsmith said...

I wouldn't mind trading for that George Foster card if it is up for trade. Let me know.

Adam Kaningher said...

I have a couple Rockies from 2000 Topps for your want list. I'll see what else I can supply as well.

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