Saturday, April 15, 2017

30DayBBCChallenge: Day 14: My Collecting Story (How I Got Back Into Baseball Cards)

Today's 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge prompt is one of the toughest ones so far:

One of your favorite cards from the 2000s.

I consider my baseball card collecting "career" to have begun in 1987...but it took off in earnest in 1990.  From then until around 1993 or so, my father was my main (only?) supplier of cards.  A few years later, I started earning my own money by doing odd jobs for people and I became my main (only?) supplier of baseball cards...and so from about 1996 - 2000 or so I bought my own cards.

In 2001, I graduated high school and went off to college.  And in baseball collecting terms, that meant a "dead period" in my collection.  In fact, I didn't get back into collecting until 2007 when I discovered Topps Heritage.  From there, it's been full throttle ever since (though I have to admit that the last few years I haven't bought nearly as many cards as I had from 2008 - 2014 or so).

That all leads back to today's prompt, what is my favorite card from the 00s?

After much thought and deliberation, I went with this card:

That's a 2007 Topps Heritage Chrome card of David Ross.  Truth be told, the card itself isn't my favorite single card from the 00s, but rather, this card represents my favorite memory of the 00s (in terms of card collecting at least).  It was the 2007 Heritage set that brought back the card collecting "bug" for me - so much so that not only did I complete the entire base set (with short prints), I also completed all the variations, inserts, AND the chrome set (each card of which is numbered out of 1958).

Since 2007, I have completed a number of sets (and I'm trying to complete a number more yet) but I don't think any set will ever be as special as that 2007 Heritage set is to me.

Here are the rest of the challenge prompts:


Fuji said...

I'm a little older than you... but 2001 to 2007 was also a "dead period" for me as well. Actually... I reentered the hobby in 2008. Your 2007 Topps Heritage is my 2008 Topps flagship.

P-town Tom said...

David Ross... nice player selection!

Kin said...

Our dead period is about the same...looks like I'm four years older but started collecting the same year (1987). I actually did collect through college but once I was a year or so out, things were put on the back burner. I also sold off a lot of things that I regret now. I had about a third of the 1971 Topps baseball set, about 60% of the 1955 All-American football set and a bunch of other vintage that I sold off.


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