Thursday, April 06, 2017

The 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge: Day 06: A Card You Spent More than $10 to Get

It's time for another 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge post.  Today's topic:

Day 06:  A Card You Spent More than $10 to Get

Believe it or not, I generally don't spend much on singles - in fact, other than the 2015 Topps Tek Barry Larkin autograph (and parallel autographs), I can't think of any card that has cost me more than $10.

Since I already showed off a different Larkin card from 2015 Tek, let's take a look at how I usually spend my money instead with the final few cards from my recent Check Out My Cards purchase.

For this, I ended my buying spree (about $40 total) with a smattering of 2007 Allen & Ginter mini cards that I needed.  First up, more country flags.

I'm taking my History of Mathematics class to Greece (and Italy) later this year so I felt like it was the right time to buy the Greece card!

I also picked up two more of the Roman Emperors cards (see, Greece & Rome)!

The most expensive card in my COMC purchase was only $2.54 and that was Caesar Augustus.

And that's it - I'm definitely not a big spender when it comes to buying singles (but I have been known to buy boxes...and even cases if we are talking Allen & Ginter)!

Here's what's on tap for future Baseball Card Challenges:


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