Thursday, June 15, 2017

2017 Panini Diamond Kings: Pack #3

It's time for the third pack out of the 2017 Panini Diamond Kings group break box.  So far, we've found a couple of parallels, a short print, and some inserts.  We are still searching for our two hits...will we find one here?

Pack 3:
1.  Babe Ruth - Yankees
18.  Joe DiMaggio - Yankees

This is DiMaggio's regular base card - though I like the background image a lot here!
27.  Kirby Puckett - Twins

This is Puckett's regular base card.
51.  Paul Goldschmidt - Diamondbacks
124.  Trea Turner - Nationals

The Turner card is a short print in the set.
126.  Yoan Moncada - White Sox

This is Moncada's regular base card (the variation card has him in a slightly wider stance...not too interesting in my book)!
131.  Andrew Benintendi - Red Sox

I'm not sure if this is the variation or the regular version (one version has him in a white jersey, the other in a blue jersey).  I get most of my information from Cardboard Connection and they didn't specify here.
Heritage Collection:  HC-14.  Juan Marichal - Giants

Phew, I had to scan almost every single card in this pack!  Panini sure made the life of a group break difficult with this product...good thing the cards themselves are quite nice.


Doc said...

That Benintendi is the base version, in case anyone cared. The blue jersey version is the SP.

The real easy tell is to look at the backs. Square borders are base, circle borders are variations.

Hope that helps! :)

Doc said...

Oh, almost forgot, they're 99% of the time "backwards" in the pack as well.

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