Tuesday, June 20, 2017

2017 Topps Bunt: Highlights from Packs 1 - 6

I opened the entire 2017 Topps Bunt hobby box on video (which I will post before long).  However, since the box has 36 packs - with 7 cards per pack - I don't see a lot of value in typing up every single card.  Instead, I'll take the box, six packs at a time, and show off all the inserts and parallels.  Hopefully this will make for a more efficient way of going through the box - and if you want to see every base card pulled, just watch the video when I post it!

Packs 1 - 6:

Each pack contains one blue parallel, here are our first six:

A nice mix of teams (good to see as the group break host)!

Next, seeded 1:3 packs, the Infinite inserts.

These are kind of cool in that the player's home stadium is shown superimposed over the player at the bottom of the card.  They don't scan overly well, but the cards are kind of neat.

The Programs insert cards are also seeded 1:3 packs.  We pulled two in the first group of packs.

These aren't as cool to me, but I can see how some would like them better than the Infinite inserts.  For me, I would have liked to see more variation in the "program" aspect rather than the exact same ticket stub peeking out of both cards.  Also, an insert set called "Programs" is begging to be a book card rather than a single, flat piece of glossy cardboard.

We pulled a single Perspectives insert card (seeded 1:4 packs).

Not a lot to say about that image...pretty stoic.

And finally, we ended up with two of the Bunt code cards.  I'll randomly distribute them at the end of the break to group break participants (not counting myself).

That does it for the first six packs.  As I said, every pack has at least one parallel (of the blue variety).  It also seemed like every pack had at least one other insert in it, something to keep the pack ripping experience fresh I suppose.

More to come from this box soon, stay tuned!


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