2017 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 3 - Part 1

Update:  Looking for some Allen & Ginter cards?  I have posted my full list of trade bait here.


Another day, another box of Ginter to rip!  This is my third (of five) boxes of Allen & Ginter - and unlike the last box, this one isn't a hot box (which means I can make more progress on my base set again).

Box loader:

Corey Seager is my box loader this time around.  At least in the three boxes I've landed three different players.  No Reds in the set, so I don't have any strong feelings about which player I pull for the box topper.

Box 3:
Packs 1 - 8:

Let's start with the lone fish card of the set of packs.

This one is a duplicate from an earlier box, but that was bound to happen at some point.

Moving on to the minis, I ended up with a sweet black bordered mini of Billy Hamilton.

Always nice to get a Reds' mini (now to find all of the versions of the Larkin mini)!

Speaking of different versions, how about a Brooklyn back mini?

The Brooklyn back minis are hand numbered (out of only 25) and are seeded 1:170 packs.

I also ended up with a single mini insert...

That's my second card from the Magicians & Illusionists set (only 13 more cards to go)!

That's a pretty good haul for eight packs - but I haven't shown the best card yet...

Yeah, I pulled a rip card after only three boxes.  If you have been following my blog, you'll know why I'm excited about that since I had two different years where I bought a full, unopened case and didn't get a single rip card.  I don't think I'll be ripping the Mattingly - it's more likely to end up on eBay (and may already be there by the time this post goes live).  Yankee fans are fairly rabid and this one is somewhat low numbered (50/60).

Definitely a great start to the third box.  Actually, this box is a success pretty much no matter else I end up pulling.  Good times in box #3!


  1. I have never once pulled a rip card. Look pretty cool. I don't think I would ever rip one

  2. I would definitely rip it but I would be surgical about it so it looks like a normal card again


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