Busting a Rack Pack of Archives.

After not buying a single pack of 2017 baseball cards for the first five months of the year, I've found myself going "all in" on 2017 Topps Archives (pulling a sweet Frank Thomas autograph will help convince me to keep going).  Unfortunately for me, my local Wal*Mart has one of the worst baseball card aisles in all of big box land...after my previous blaster purchases, they've never bothered to restock their shelf.  Thus, since I still have quite a bit of set needs, I had to buy myself one of the two remaining rack packs instead.

The rack packs have 18 cards in them - but from what I can tell they aren't as good of a deal as the blasters.  Still, I had the itch to open up some cards so the rack pack is better than nothing.

So, what did I get?  Rather than listing all the base cards, I'll simply show the highlights.

For the base cards, I needed 10 of the 16 cards in the pack.  That's pretty good - and within those ten cards was the Aaron Judge rookie card and the Mike Trout base card (two cards that are tough to come by via trades)!  

Speaking of trades, if you still need any 2017 Topps Archives cards, check out my full "for trade" list.

As I mentioned earlier, each rack pack contains 18 cards.  Since I had 16 base cards, that leaves a pair of inserts.  Unfortunately for me, neither of my inserts were of particular interest to me...

First up, a Bazooka card of Carlos Correa.  

It's certainly a nice enough card - and if I were to collect a single insert set from this year's Archives set, it would definitely be the Bazooka set.

The other insert was less interesting (at least to me):

That's one of the Rookie Stars cards - and those don't interest me much at all.  

In the end, the rack pack might not have offered me a lot in the way of inserts but it did give me 10 more base cards that I needed (and it definitely helped satisfy the pack ripping itch).  


  1. I know how that is. My Walmart if terrible as well. 3/4th the aisle is pokemon and the last teeny 1/4th is sports cards and magic.

    We wonder why many don't get into collecting if they can't find it


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