Monday, July 17, 2017

Buying Cards off of eBay

It's been awhile since I bought some cards off of eBay.  However, I have recently been selling some items on the 'bay and so I did have a (tiny) bit of money in my PayPal account.  As such, I did a search for "Barry Larkin lot" and found a relatively cheap lot that had a few cards that I needed.  In total, the lot contained 13 Barry Larkin cards - of those I needed 5 of them.  That might not sound like a lot, but given that my Barry Larkin Collection has over 500 cards in it, I'll take it!

The quest to actually get the Larkin lot in hand was the biggest challenge to the purchase.  When I originally won the lot, I paid immediately and the seller shipped the next day.  Unfortunately, when the cards arrived I learned the seller sent me the wrong lot.  It turned out that he mixed my order up with someone elses...I got a slew of (useless to me) LeBron James cards while the other person got my Larkins.  After a bit of back and forth emailing, both of the recipients of the wrong cards mailed the lots back to the original seller who then flipped them and sent them off to the rightful owners.

To make up for the snafu, the seller did include a few "bonus" cards for me (he inquired to see what other players I collected to which I could really only answer Ken Griffey, Jr.).  The seller included a small selection of Griffey cards (some of which were actually new to me) along with a few other cards.  It was a nice gesture to be sure - and all's well that ends well.

Now, on to the Larkins!

I'll show off each of the Larkins in full detail whenever I get around to posting them in my ongoing Barry Larkin Collection series.  However, here's a brief teaser image.
The main reason I bought the lot was for the two serially numbered cards.

And finally, you may be wondering why I do with all my extra Barry Larkin cards.  Like I said, this lot contained a bunch of duplicates and I certainly already owned a number of extras.  Well, for now I keep them all (ordered) in an old Allen & Ginter box.

You may notice that I don't (yet) have tabs made up for some of the more recent years.  That's because I'm still in the process of cataloging and scanning my Larkin cards from the year 2002 on up (and now I have a bunch of older cards that need to be scanned as well).  My folder of scanned but not yet posted about Barry Larkin cards currently stands at 82.  I have probably another 100-200 more Larkins that aren't scanned there should be no shortage of new entries to my Barry Larkin Collection series!

If you are interested in any Larkin cards, let me know!


The Lost Collector said...

I may have to do that with my Tino dupes.

Also, I love the Knothole Gang insert!

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