Sunday, July 02, 2017

My First Cards (for me) of 2017: Topps Archives Blaster (the Exciting Conclusion)

This morning, I busted the first half of my blaster of 2017 Topps Archives.  I pulled a nice blue parallel (plus a Bazooka insert which I already owned).  Now, let's see what the second half of the blaster holds *fingers crossed for an autograph.*

Pack 4:
37.  Jon Gray
68.  Lorenzo Cain
90.  Kenley Jansen
158.  Hunter Renfroe
182.  Justin Turner
220.  Kenta Maeda
251.  Jeff Samardzija
Rookie Stars:  RS-8.  Tyler Glasnow

The Rookie Stars are seeded 1:14 packs or about one every other blaster.

Pack 5:
4.  Goose Gossage
54.  Chris Archer
99.  Lou Gehrig
177.  Nomar Garciaparra
188.  Ozzie Smith
225. Babe Ruth

230.  Omar Vizquel
259.  Tony La Russa

No inserts in this pack, but that's alright since I'm really only chasing the base set.  And on that account, this was another super helpful pack - I needed every card.

Pack 6:
15.  Brandon Belt
76.  Curtis Granderson
134.  Whitey Ford
140.  Lou Brock
261.  Rob Zastruzny
276.  Giancarlo Stanton
286.  Roughned Odor
Jeter Retrospective:  DJ-22.  Derek Jeter

The Jeter Retrospectives are seeded 1:7 packs (or one per blaster).  In what shouldn't surprise anyone, I have no interest in the Jeter cards at all.  I also pulled my first duplicate base card in this pack - the Granderson I already ended up with from the group break.

Pack 7:
49.  Brian Dozier
86.  Drew Smyly
113.  Elvis Andrus
151.  Jharel Cotton
176.  Stephen Piscotty
229.  Gerrit Cole
274.  Andrew Miller
Fan Favorite Autograph - Peach parallel:  FFA-CJ.  Cleon Jones #074/150

Woah!!  I had honestly given up thinking I would get an autograph in the blaster since I hadn't found one through the first six (of seven) packs.  The Peach parallel autographs are seeded a staggering 1:291 retail packs making this an AWESOME blaster of cards for me.

In the end, the blaster yielded a nice light blue parallel plus the awesome Cleon Jones peach autograph.  And, for the real reason why I bough the blaster, every base card (except for the Curtis Granderson) was new to my set.  I don't think I could have hand-picked a much better blaster...Topps has made me a believer with this product again!


Doe M.G. said...

Nice finale! lol :D

Brett Alan said...

Man, what a great pull. One of the heroes of my childhood.

The Lost Collector said...

Very cool to pull that auto. Congrats!

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