Sunday, October 01, 2017

1999 Pacific: A Noma' Insert

Only six packs remain in my box of 1999 Pacific and I am determined to finish off the box this week.  I'm still looking for both Barry Larkin cards (base and insert), plus any of the Larkin parallels.  No luck so far...will pack #30 be the lucky pack?

Pack 30:
22.  Travis Lee
27.  Bruce Chen
46.  Brady Anderson
140.  Jason Bates
142.  Vinny Castilla

Another blue sky head shot variation card.

239.  Mike Myers
244.  Rick Aguilera
287.  Turk Wendell
392.  Jay Buhner
Diamond Dynagon:  2.  Nomar Garciaparra

That's a nice looking insert of Nomar.  It also happens to be the third Diamond Dynagon card from the box (and since they are seeded 4:37 packs it's likely we'll still discover one more).

Still no sign of Barry Larkin...doesn't that just figure?!


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