Friday, October 27, 2017

Flashback Friday! A Pack of Old School Upper Deck Baseball

I had a blast ripping through a pack of 1992 Leaf last Friday for my Flashback Friday post.  Today, I'm hoping to have even more fun ripping a 1992 pack of cards from a set that I actually like from the year.  This is a 15 card pack from 1992 Upper Deck - only of my favorite Upper Deck base sets (and a set that I'm still trying to figure out whether or not I want to try and collect the full set).  Perhaps this pack will sway me one way or the other.

As you can see, Upper Deck was already pushing the concept of the insert in 1992.  There are 2500 personally autographed Ted Williams cards seeded in packs of 1992 Upper Deck.  Can you imagine how amazing it would be if this pack held one of those...sealed for all these years?  Yeah, I wouldn't expect that either but let's hope we get something neat.

Here is the pack contents in the order they appeared in the foil pack.

334.  Kent Hrbek

One of the great things about Upper Deck was the color photos on both the front and back of the card.  You do yourself a giant disservice if you ignore the back of Upper Deck's '92 set...there are plenty of cool, interesting, funny, and simply weird photos like this one of Hrbek having a chat on the bullpen phone.
27.  Reggie Sanders
Only Red in the pack, but I had enough other good stuff to scan that I didn't need to add Reggie to the scanner bed.
43.  Doug Henry
181.  Randy Mulligan
161.  Leo Gomez
269.  Dick Schofield
232.  Greg Vaughn
369.  Greg Briley

This card always cracked me up as a kid...and I still enjoy it today.
382.  Dave Martinez
404.  Jody Reed
424.  Ken Griffey, Jr.

This is a great card of The Kid - and one that I remember pulling as a kid (I think it was the first multiple exposure card that I ever saw).  The back of the card (not shown) is just as good as it features a more candid shot of Griffey.
538.  Scott Livingstone
594.  Scott Radinsky
640.  Checklist

Nice looking checklist card.  I also like the fact that the cards came out of the pack in numerical makes card sorting much easier!
690.  Gerald Perry

That was actually a great pack of cards, even if it didn't feature one of those Ted Williams autographs.  1992 Upper Deck is a gem hidden in a sea of early 90s junk wax...and it's probably a set that is deserving of me to collect it.


Ana Lu said...

I think I can say that from the early '90s I'd say I prefered Upper Deck to TOPPS sets. You mentioned some of the points. Some cards have better back photos than the front ones.

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