Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Great Reorganization: Step 30: The Year is 2008 and I Have Way Too Many Sets!

The year 2008 was the year that I jumped back into cards full tilt.  In fact, based on the number of cards and sets that I have from the year, I don't know if there is another year in the 2000s where I bought as many cards as I did in '08. 

In looking at my collection, there are nine different sets that I have either completed already or am currently working on.  In the "already completed" category is 2008 Allen & Ginter, Upper Deck Spectrum, Upper Deck Masterpieces, Upper Deck flagship, and Upper Deck Baseball Heroes.  In the "nearing completion" category is:  Upper Deck Goudey (need 20 cards for the base set and 6 inserts), Topps Stadium Club (need only one more card), Upper Deck Timeline (need 9 cards), and Topps Heritage (need 5 cards).

Not only that, but I have also completed most of the inserts from Allen & Ginter AND Topps Heritage (high and low series).  Like I said, I definitely went all-in back in 2008!

So, with that many sets already complete and in binders (or almost complete), you'd think that I wouldn't have any decision to make for the year as part of my Great Reorganization.  Unfortunately, I do have one decision that I need to decide on - and it's not exactly easy for a number of reasons.

The question is:  What do I do about the StarQuest inserts from 2008 Upper Deck?  You see, I made the (dumb?) decision back in '08 to chase ALL four versions of the sets:  common, uncommon, rare, and super rare.

The insert set is 60 cards in size...and it was probably a crazy idea to chase after four versions of the same set.  As it stands at the moment, I have the full common set and am missing 7 uncommons, 21 rares, and 28 super rares.  Since it's almost a full decade later and I'm still missing an obscene number of cards (and, perhaps more importantly, I no longer have any interest in the set), I have decided to simply drop all of the parallels and end my collection of 2008 Upper Deck! 

It feels good to have that one off my want list as I could never force myself to pick up any cards for sale, even in a bulk Check Out My Cards order.  That in and of itself probably should have been a sign a long time ago!


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