Wednesday, November 08, 2017

2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs: Pack 8: The Pack in Which We Pull a Patch Card

I started busting my box of 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs last Wednesday (actually, I busted the box back in the summer but my posts started this past Wednesday).  At the outset of the box break, my goal was to inch closer to completing my base set and hopefully make some decent progress on the remaining inserts that I'm trying for.  Through the first week of packs (and I'm posting the packs in the order I open them, one pack and post done before I move on to the next pack), it's been a disappointing box in that regard.  I say disappointing because I've only found two cards so far that I needed.  On the bright side, I did get one of the Predators of the Deep cards (a set that I love even though I don't think I'll actually ever try to complete it).  Maybe pack 8 will yield some base cards that I need?

Pack 8:
3.  Giganotosurus

51.  Titanosaurus

53.  Cryolophosaurus

60.  Postosuchus

Canvas mini:  79.  Sinornithosaurus

Patch card:  41.  Utahraptor

The Utahraptor patch card is part of the "Group D" which is the most common group of patch cards.  I kind of like the patches but I'll never complete the 60 card (!) patch set.

Oh, and if you were wondering.  Here's the current update:

Cards from the box that I need (so far):  Still freakin' two.

On the bright side, this was a six card pack which makes up for a four card pack we pulled earlier (a four card pack that didn't include any "thick" cards that is).


Doe M.G. said...

Dang, these really are cool. Are there fossil relic cards? I thought I had seen something about that, but it did not look like they were in packs.

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