Monday, December 04, 2017

2017 Gallery: Wait, What's That? An Autograph?!

I mentioned at the outset when I started ripping my blaster of 2017 Topps Gallery that I thought there was one promised autograph per box (which seemed like an okay deal for $20).  Of course, after getting the blaster home and reading the print again, I realized that I was completely wrong.  Instead, autographs are possible pulls...but only if you get super lucky.


I got super* lucky.

*Super in the sense that I pulled an autograph.  Unlucky in the sense of which team the player plays for...

Pack 7:

52.  Paul DeJong

Ugh, a Cardinal...and not the last you'll see of Mr. DeJong in this pack *spoiler alert*

83.  Aldemys Diaz

Seriously, back-to-back Cardinals?  This Reds' fan is not amused, Topps.

109.  Mitch Haniger

Well, it's not a Cardinal...but then again, who is he?  

Blue Border Autograph:  52.  Paul DeJong (#41/50)

Alright, first it is a stupid Cardinals but still, getting an autograph in a blaster is always a fun surprise.  The blue bordered autos are tough pulls too - seeded 1:553 packs according to the blaster box (if I read it correctly that is).

Alright, well...  That pack had three freaking Cardinals in it - but getting a rare blue autograph is pretty cool so I'll let it slide.  That does it for the blaster...but I can report that the success I had with this blaster led me to go buy a second blaster.  The contents of that one?  Well - not nearly as exciting as this blaster, but still not terrible (I'll show off the highlights of that one in the near future).

As for the autograph, I listed it on eBay and it sold already for just under the cost of two blasters.  Not bad, all things considered!


The Lost Collector said...

Way to beat the odds. My question: how many autographs did DeJong and Luke Weaver sign this year?!

Sport Card Collectors said...


P-town Tom said...

You're the first one I know to pull an auto from this pack... it is a Cardinal... but, still... Congrats!

Cardboard Jones said...

That's a great pull, even if it is a Cardinal. Btw- if you want to trade the Haniger, I'm interested.

B Man said...

Don't you have the luck for pulling Redbirds-nice auto

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