Saturday, December 09, 2017

Blaster #3 is in the Books: Final 4 Packs (Another 1:252 Packs Card!)

My third blaster of 2017 Topps Gallery is in the books...or at least it will be as soon as I write this post!  My Artist's Proof parallel cards were slightly better this time around, at least in the sense that some of them are tradeable:

  • Trevor Story
  • Luis Severino
  • Dinelson Lemet (ok, that one is probably living with me forever)
  • Joey Gallo.  

It definitely could have been worse.

Moving on the to "real" cards from the final three packs.  There were 10 base cards, of which I needed all of them (which is awesome).  I also got two more inserts, the first being a Reggie Jackson Hall of Fame card.

And the other?

My second orange parallel in three blasters!  This one is numbered 01/25 which means it is serious eBay mojo hitz!  (oye)  I will say the orange border looks great on an Orioles card!

Alright, so that wasn't the most exciting conclusion to a blaster...but getting a pair of cards seeded 1:252 packs in two blasters is kind of cool, even if I don't collect the player.


Trevor P said...

Ebay 1/1! I bought a pack the other day and liked the product. I pulled a couple of Reds that I'm seeing aside for you. Let me know what you need when you finish breaking the last blaster.

P-town Tom said...

The Dinelson Lamet card could be trade fodder for a swap with Baseball Card Breakdown. Oriole cards do look nice with an orange border.

Sport Card Collectors said...


defgav said...

Yeah, I'd be down for the Dinelson.
Solid pull with the Trumbo!

Fuji said...

eBay 1 of 1!

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