Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Finishing off Gallery...(for now)

Today marks the final day of the fall semester for me - at least in terms of class responsibilities.  I give one more final exam today - and once that's graded, I'll be done for the semester.  After this long (and trying) semester, I'm more ready than usual for a bit of time off away from work.  I'm also hoping the time off will allow me to get caught back up with blogging - and my collection.  Speaking of that, I'm still working on sending out more of the "Season of Giving" packages.  Many of them take me a long time to pack up so it's been slow going lately.  However, I do still have a few more to get packed and mailed and I promise I'll keep working on it!

In the mean time, let's do something sort of quick for today's post...let's finish off my (final?) blaster of 2017 Topps Gallery.

Packs 4 - 7:

Speaking honestly, there wasn't much exciting or interesting in the final four packs of this blaster.  Only two inserts including the Robin Yount shown above.  I also got a Carlos Correa Masterpiece insert, but again, that isn't all that exciting (at least to me).

The good news is that I needed all of the base cards from the set of packs.  That's a win I suppose.

...and now if I make it through today, I'll be on winter break - and that's a win for sure!


P-town Tom said...

Congrats on closing out the semester. Six more schools days for this math teacher... I can make it!

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