Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Topps Gallery: Not Bad, Not Bad at All

I've thoroughly enjoyed ripping the three blasters of Topps Gallery that I bought earlier this month.  Of course, it didn't hurt any that one of them held an autograph that I was able to sell for about the price of two of the three blasters. 

The last time I found myself at Walmart, I figured I'd try my luck with a fourth blaster of Gallery.  Could lightning strike twice?  Read on to find out.

We'll begin with the pack of Artist's Proof parallel cards.  My first three packs of parallels were nothing but a disappointment so I wasn't expecting anything much this time around either.

Artist's Proof pack:
18.  Addison Russell
22.  Ryon Healy (my second one of these)
41.  Brett Phillips
131.  Matt Harvey

The Phillips card is already in a trade package which I guess is about as good as I could hope for from the parallel pack (also nice that I didn't pull yet another untradeable Rays card or Marlins card).

Now for the main event, the first three packs out of the blaster:

Packs 1 - 3:

Well, I spoke too soon about not getting a Rays card, didn't I? 

The Heritage cards are seeded 1:11 packs.  I have to admit that the design is pretty nice...and the Kluber card in particular is great looking.  Easily my second favorite card out of the first half of the blaster.  Why not my favorite you ask?

Well, it's not every day you get to pull an insert seeded 1:105 packs!

That's Carlos Correa as part of the uber-rare Expressionists insert set.  Pretty cool design - and it's actually kind of cool that Topps made a super rare insert set...it makes the insert "feel" special!

Despite no sign of an autograph, I have to say that the first half of the blaster was a rousing success.  At this point, no matter what the second half holds I think I'll consider the purchase worthwhile.


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