Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2000 Fleer Tradition: Packs 15 & 16: Trying to Improve the Ratio

Another day, another couple of packs of 2000 Fleer Tradition.  My goal of the box was to finish my base set off (and maybe an insert set or two if I got lucky).  So far, through 14 packs I've landed 14 new cards for my collection.  I need to up that pace just a bit if I'm going to realize my let's start now, shall we?

Pack 15:
44.  Omar Vizquel
75.  Carlos Febles

145.  Justin Thompson
224.  Brett Hinchliffe
226.  Rolando Arrojo
305.  Kerry Wood
388.  Anaheim Angels
410.  Tom Goodwin
433.  Seattle Mariners
434.  Chad Harville & Luis Vizcaino

As long as I get at least one new card per pack, I won't complain.  The Febels was new to me in this pack so I'll say this was a successful pack.

Pack 16:
90.  Toronto Blue Jays
103.  Michael Barrett
162.  Houston Astros
190.  Eric Chavez
191.  Al Martin
290.  Carl Pavano
320.  Jose Canseco
420.  Bernie Williams
442.  AL Division Series
Who to Watch:  1.  Rick Ankiel

Ugh.  Nothing new...right after I said I needed to start doing better than one-per-pack, I actually do worse.  Oh well, still over half the box to go...maybe the second half will be better?


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