Saturday, January 13, 2018

2000 Fleer Tradition: Packs 9 & 10: Do You Like Checklists as Part of the Main Set?

I'm back with even more packs out of my 2000 Fleer Tradition box that I got for Christmas 2017.  All things considered, I'm making decent progress thus far (I've found 8 cards I needed through the first eight packs).  I do need to pick up the pace a bit if I am going to find all the base cards that I need prior to the box's completion however.  No better time to start that than right now, am I right?

Pack 9:
39.  Jeff Kent
156.  Cleatus Davidson & Cristian Guzman
238.  Giomar Guevara
297.  Gary Sheffield
311.  Chad Hermansen & Mike Garcia

317.  Chris Widger

331.  Torii Hunter
339.  David Justice  (a double from within the box)
447.  World Series Game 1  (another double from within the box)
449.  World Series Game 3

A pack full of base cards isn't always exciting...unless you are a set collector who is trying to put together the base set!  I needed both of the scanned cards which puts me at 10 total cards needed.  Of course, this pack also gave me two more duplicates from within the box itself which should simply never happen in a set of this size.

Still, I'm happy with the two new cards - getting closer to completing a set is always fun.  Speaking of fun, why stop the fun now though?  Let's rip a second pack.

Pack 10:
49.  Checklist
220.  Ronnie Belliard
276.  Travis Lee
296.  Shawn Estes
332.  Tony Armas, Jr. & Peter Bergeron
336.  Gary DiSarcina
354.  Checklist
368.  David Segui
440.  Chipper Jones
448.  World Series Game 2

While I like that the checklist cards are numbered as part of the base set, how mad would you have been getting two checklists from a single pack of cards back in 2000?!  As for me, I'm more mad that I didn't need any of the cards out of the pack (including the two checklists).

Total new (to me) cards in the box:  10


Dennis said...

Glad you're making progress on this set, I had lots of fun busting a couple boxes when it came out.

I wouldn't mind getting checklists as base cards in a product like this, but once you start going more high-end it would be inexcusable. I could see being annoyed at getting two in one pack, though. I also recall Fleer eventually making separate checklists that weren't base cards and I don't believe those counted as one of your promised cards.

Anyway, the checklist with a player image up front was probably the best way to handle that back in the day.

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