Monday, March 19, 2018

Delivery Time! Blog Reader Brett P. Sends an Awesome LEGO Set!

Whenever I get a package in the mail from a trader or blog reader, I do my best to get a post up publicly thanking the person in a reasonable amount of time.  However, there are definitely times where I do not get a post up quick enough (today's package is one such example). 

In short, it took me much longer than usual to write today's post because it was a big one - and I mean that both literally and figuratively as the package from Brett was quite large.  Large enough, in fact, to hold an unopened LEGO set, set #2000446.

Now, this wasn't just any old LEGO set (though I am always happy to get any LEGO in the mail), this is a special edition set that was only available in Singapore.  Brett was over in Singapore (I believe) and he asked me if there was anything unique that I'd like him to grab for me.  I had no idea (I didn't know this set even existed at that time) but I'd say that Brett knocked the ball out of the ballpark for me.

First, a word on the set itself from Brickipedia:
It can be built into either Gardens by the Bay, Changi Airport or Cavenagh Bridge. The set contains 244 pieces. The set is given to all students and teachers and they are encouraged to build their vision of Singapore in the future. As part of SG50 celebrations the students and teachers were given this set. Currently it is unavailable for sale.
Even more interesting to me, the set that Brett sent my way was the Special Commemorative Edition which was apparently even more rare than the "regular" set (though from what I can see, the only difference is the outer packaging).

Someone that is only in LEGO for the money would probably leave this box unopened (copies of it are listed on Bricklink for about $80 US right now for example) but not me.  When I get some LEGO in the mail, I build it and enjoy it for what's worth!  (and now you can see why I needed substantial time in order to truly write the proper post for this set).

The set itself contains 244 pieces and it has instructions within it to build three different iconic Singapore landmarks.  I've never been to Singapore, so this my first exposure to all three structures.

First up, the Gardens by the Bay.  According to the single manual included in the set, the Gardens by the Bay captures the essence of Singapore - this is a "premier tropical garden."  The second build is the Cavenagh Bridge - the oldest bridge in Singapore (built in 1868).  The third and final build in the set is the Changi Airport, which the manual says is the sixth busiest airport in the world today.  

If you are interested in seeing the actual LEGO models from the set, I encourage you to click on over to my LEGO-centric blog where I discuss each of the builds in detail (this is what took me so long to write this particular post)!  

Thanks again for the awesome package, Brett.  I hope that the delay in getting a post up is at least somewhat mitigated by your kindness appearing on two of my blogs in a few day's span.


Brett Alan said...

Oh, no worries about the delay. I'm just glad you enjoyed it!

Yes, I spend about half the year in Singapore. When you promised me cards as part of the Season of Giving I figured a Lego set would be a good way to respond. My Toys R Us had nothing, but there's a dedicated Lego store in the Ngee Ann City (pronounced like "Neon City", more or less) shopping center, so I went and asked them what they had that an American Lego fan wouldn't, and they showed me this. Perfect! Sadly there are basically no baseball cards in Singapore. (I try all the Japanese stores, of which there are many, but only once found some of the Calbee chips with cards.)

Anyway, I've become quite fond of Singapore, so I'm happy to share a little of it...and mostly glad that you enjoyed it, and I hope your readers enjoy the posts, too. And thanks for the cards!

Nachos Grande said...

Oh yes, it was so much fun to build (and I learned a lot about Singapore as I built the set and then did the research behind some of the locations). Easily one of my favorite blog trades that I've ever done (even if the set itself isn't the best build ever - it was still a blast for me)! Thanks again.

Fuji said...

Never seen this set before. Very cool.

defgav said...

That's pretty damn cool.

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