Monday, March 12, 2018

Group Break: 2nd Team Assignments are Here (and the Break Starts at 7:20 PM EST)!

The second team assignments are here - you can watch the full video if you'd like or you can simply scroll down to see who ended up with what team.

Atlanta Braves Colbey Hopper Los Angeles Angels
Boston Red Sox  Doc Toronto Blue Jays
Chicago White Sox JediJeff Milwaukee Brewers
Chicago Cubs Trevor P.  Tampa Bay Rays
Cincinnati Reds Nachos Grande Minnesota Twins
Cleveland Indians Kin Miami Marlins
Colorado Rockies Adam K. Oakland Athletics
Houston Astros Bru Baltimore Orioles
Los Angeles Dodgers Spiegel83 San Diego Padres
New York Yankees Tim B. New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies daddyohoho Arizona Diamondbacks
San Francisco Giants Nick Vossbrink Pittsburgh Pirates
Seattle Mariners TexasSurveyor Detroit Tigers
St. Louis Cardinals madding Texas Rangers
Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos CaptKirk42 Kansas City Royals

If you want to trade, that's fine but both parties need to confirm the trade in the comments (either here or on the Group Break video once that starts).  Speaking of the video starting, I plan to begin our group break at 7:20 PM EST.  This should allow us plenty of time to get the entire group of SEVEN (!) boxes I will be throwing in a few more assorted retro packs for fun.  See you all then!


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Nick Vossbrink said...

Interesting. That's two times in a row I've gotten the Pirates as my random.

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