Friday, March 16, 2018

Rockin' Retro Group Break Highlights: Cooperstown, Bowman Chrome, & Fleer Sports Ilustrated

It's time to go over some of the highlights of my recent Rockin' Retro Group Break.  In the break, we busted a total of seven different boxes (plus I threw in a few bonus packs which I won't recap).  Since not everyone could watch the live video, I wanted to make sure that I showed off at least a few of the highlights from each box here.  

Before I begin, I should note that this break was designed for the base card and insert collector - most of the boxes we busted had zero chance of an autograph or relic (which was kind of refreshing in its own way).  That said, we actually did quite well with the few hits we had...more on that in a bit.

First up though, a box that was all about the base card & inserts:  2012 Panini Cooperstown.  

We ended up with way more inserts than I was expecting (18 total) which was kind of fun.  In my opinion, the best card of the box was the wood front Ty Cobb for the Tigers.

We also ended up with a beautiful ballpark card of Polo Grounds - I could see trying to collect all of those inserts some day as I have a thing for old baseball stadiums.

Next, we turned our attention to the box of 1997 Fleer Sports Illustrated.

The box started with an Alex Rodriguez box topper for the Mariners.  From there, we pulled a pair of Extra Edition parallels (both numbered out of 500).

And while the Fleer SI set is truly all about the base cards (and I guess the mini posters which are one per pack), there were two inserts from the awesome Sports Illustrated Covers set.

If you haven't seen the Fleer Sports Illustrated base cards before, I think you'll definitely like them once they are in hand.  It's a great set (and it's one that I'm still working on since we only pulled two of the four cards that I stated that I would be keeping at the outset of the break).

Our next box to look at is the 1998 Bowman Chrome box.  During the actual video break, I had a heck of a time spotting the refractors "in real time" as I was busting the packs.  Luckily for me, the word "refractor" is printed on the back of the card underneath the after taking some time, I can report that the following are all refractors...

The Schoeneweis is actually a parallel refractor - it's part of the International parallel set.  We pulled another six of the non-refractor versions of the International parallels as well (you can watch the video to see all of those since I was able to spot them easily enough)!

Finally, we pulled two of the Bowman Rookie reprint cards.

Both of those are pretty nice if you ask me.  The Vlad goes in the Nationals/Expos pile and I think that's a particularly nice score for that stack.  

Note:  The Bowman cards definitely scan like crap but I promise they are nice in hand!

That does it for the first three boxes of the group break.  In my next post, I'll highlight the goodies out of the final three boxes (including an awesome "surprise" autograph).  


Nick Vossbrink said...

Oh cool. My package is due to arrive today and I'm looking forward to it an that Polo Grounds card even though I got skunked in both Gold Label boxes. :p

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