The Three Blaster War: A Fortune Telling Dodger

We've now ripped one "real" pack plus the special parallel pack from each of the three blasters.  As it stands currently, the first Target blaster is in the lead (by 7 points) while the second Target blaster and the Walmart blaster are seemingly only battling for last place (point difference is only one).

Current Standings:
Target 1:  9 points
Walmart:  2 points
Target 2:  1 point

Will Target 1 increase its lead again or will either of the other two blasters produce some good cards in an attempt to pass by?  Let's find out together!  As before, I will open the blaster packs in the reverse order of their current standings (meaning I will begin with Target 2).

Target 2:

26.  Clint Frazier
91.  Julio Teheran
189.  Miguel Cabrera
197.  Evan Longoria
268.  Roughned Odor
Fortune Teller:  FTM-10.  Cody Bellinger

The Fortune Teller minis are seeded 1:8 packs, so let's make that worth 4 points up front (seeded rate divided by two).  That said, the insert is a Dodger (because of course I would pull a Dodger) so that has to knock it down 2 points.  The Frazier is a Yankee (-2) but I do like the Cabrera card (+1).  I feel like this could have been worse...but I also think that Target 2 squandered a prime chance to land a lot of points by producing a Dodger insert.

Pack total:  4 - 2 - 2 + 1 = 1 point
Current total:  2 points


65.  Trevor Story
88.  Jose Berrios
150.  Clayton Kershaw
282.  Tim Anderson
284.  Jake Odorizzi
300.  Aaron Judge

I love the bubble blowing Story in the field (+2) but I'm not pleased to pull another Twin (-1), especially a rather creepy photo like Berrios'.  Kershaw is a Dodger which would normally be a negative but it seems like Kershaw is a tough guy to track down when I need him for a set so I'll be content to add him to my set binder.  In fact, the exact same thing goes for the Aaron Judge card...I won't even apply the usual Yankee negative score since Judge is another guy who isn't readily available via trades typically.

Pack total:  2 - 1 = 1 point
Current total:  3 points

Target 1:

109.  Jordan Zimmerman
143.  Yoan Moncada
198.  Didi Gregorius
213.  Mitch Haniger
239.  Carson Fulmer
271.  Kole Calhoun

Well, Didi isn't Judge so the -2 Yankee penalty applies.  That said, I'll give him a point back for the cool shades.  If I worked for State Farm I'd be happy with the free advertising on the Haniger card...but I don't so I can't award points there.  I like the retro look that Fulmer is rocking in his card (+1) but otherwise this was an uninspiring pack if I ever saw one.

Pack total:  -2 + 1 + 1 = 0 points
Current total:  9 points

Well, one insert but it was a Dodger so there wasn't a whole lot of scoring in this round.  Counting the parallel pack, I've now opened up 9 packs of Gypsy Queen and I still haven't found a single Cincinnati Reds card.  Ugh.

Current Standings:
Target 1:  9 points
Walmart:  3 points
Target 2:  2 point

The bottom two blasters each gained a single point on our current leader.  Pretty ho-hum so far.


  1. Fine looking Sox hot box if you ask me.

  2. Seeing Longoria in a Giants jersey is so weird.


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