Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Barry Larkin Collection 603: 1998 Topps Gold Label - #74 - Class 3 Black parallel

Barry Larkin
Year:  1998
Brand:  Topps Gold Label
Parallel subset:  Class 3 Black
Card number:  74

The 1998 Topps Gold Label set is definitely one of my favorites from the year (even if I can't afford to actually collect the set itself).  The Larkin card (and all of its variations) is particularly nice.  This is my third different card of Barry Larkin from the set - and my first non-Class 1 card that I've shown off to date.

Unlike the Class 1 cards which have the larger of the two images of Barry in a fielding pose, the Class 3 card has Larkin batting in both images.  Sure, that's a little bit weird to look at (kind of like a bad dream or something) but it still makes for a nice enough card.  Somewhat surprisingly, this is it in terms of the 1998 Topps Gold Label cards of Barry Larkin that I currently own.  That's right, no Class 2 cards at all...and none of the rarer Red parallels either.  Someday I'll track those down - I hope...

More specifically, here are the non one-of-one Barry Larkin cards in the set with links to the other two cards that I've already posted about.

  • Class 1 base  (post)
  • Class 1 black parallel (post)
  • Class 1 red parallel
  • Class 2 base
  • Class 2 black parallel
  • Class 2 red parallel
  • Class 3 base
  • Class 3 black parallel (today's post)
  • Class 3 red parallel 
Quite a bit to track down yet - at the very least I need to acquire at least one version of the Class 2 card soon.


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