Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Finding Time for an eBay Win!

Now that I am in full-fledged "dad mode" with a baby son, I find that while I don't have much time to sort (or scan) baseball cards, I do have quite a bit of time to use my phone to browse the internet...and sometimes that means I end up on eBay.

Those eBay visits?  Once in a great while, I buy something that I want - and while I've only actually purchased a single card since the baby arrived, I'd say it's a nice one for a lone purchase.

For $5.50 (including shipping), I can't really complain about that triple relic...though if I were to complain it would have to be about the rather boring bits of cloth!  Still, it's a nice card from an expensive set that I will probably never open on my own.

Even better for me, the seller included a few freebies including this pretty cool Joe Morgan card which was new to me.

The rest of the freebies - that Opening Day Reds' parade card is also rather neat and I'm glad to now own it!

Not a bad little haul...but getting back into the habit of browsing eBay could quickly become an expensive idea.  I'm not sure that is so wise for me to do right now!


The Lost Collector said...

Be careful! I used to browse eBay during some middle of the night feedings or just during general times of exhaustion and cards would show up I had no recollection of buying!

cynicalbuddha said...

Congrats on become a dad. My son's now 4 and he's a hoot. I'm hoping to instill the card collecting bug in him soon. That way he's got no money for drugs. And a nice Larkin addition.

Collecting Cutch said...

Congrats on being a father. That Larkin was a great price

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