Wednesday, June 06, 2018

The Great Ohtani Search: Pack #8 (The Last of the Bowman...and the First Colored Parallel)

This is it, the final pack from the blaster of 2018 Bowman.  This is probably the longest I've ever taken to open a single blaster...having a baby 24 hours after purchasing the thing will do that I guess!  Anyhow, I won't delay any longer...let's finish strong!

Pack 8:

1.  Mike Trout

Usually, I struggle to pull card #1 in a given set.  Go figure the one set that I don't actually plan to collect is the one that I get the first card.  That said, I'm not complaining about getting a nice looking Mike Trout card - this one is an early contender for card slot #1 in my Frankenset (something I really want to start building this year)!

26.  Clint Frazier
48.  Jackson Stephens

You win Topps!  This blaster had more Reds in it than anything that I've opened in perhaps the past five years or so.  No complaints whatsoever about the blaster.  Bowman may not be my cup of tea but I have to admit that this was a fun rip.

67.  Giancarlo Stanton
73.  Nick Williams
BP16.  Michael Mercado
BP57.  Luis Urias
BP135.  Bryse Wilson
BCP41.  Jason Martin
Gold parallel:  BCP36.  Dennis Santana #54/75

The gold prospect parallels are seeded 1:627 retail packs so I crushed it here.  Even better, if I can't pull a Red (or Ohtani) I'm glad to get a Dodger since I always am in the need of Dodgers trade bait! 

The gold parallel was a fitting end to a fun blaster.  It's almost too bad that this stuff isn't anywhere to be found on store's actually a really fun rip (at least this blaster was).


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