Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Delivery Time! Surprises from Too Many Verlanders!

As a set collector, there isn't a whole lot that is better than getting to cross off that final card needed for a set to be complete.  Given that, the latest PWE to show up at my house sure hit the spot!

Thanks to Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders, I can now cross two more sets completely off of my want list.  Dennis sent me a surprise envelope with a note saying that he was attacking various bloggers' want lists with gusto.  Based on his post about the matter, I can see he meant business!

So what sets am I no longer in need of cards from? 

First up, 2000 Fleer Tradition:  Who to Watch die-cut insert.

I've opened way more 2000 Fleer Tradition than any normal person ever should.  Despite that, I never could quite finish off the Who to Watch insert set.  Card number 13 (of only 15 in the set) eluded me for years...but now I can say that D'Angelo Jimenez is in the set binder and that portion of the set is closed for business!  I am still working on the 2000 Fleer Tradition base set along with a couple of other insert sets so why not throw a shameless plug in for that now?
2000 Fleer Tradition Wants:Base:  11, 14, 68, 69, 146, 150, 166, 219, 222, 231, 243, 268, 273, 323, 341, 370, 384, 399, 405
Dividends:  1, 3, 15
Ten-4:  1, 2, 3, 6, 9

The other set that Dennis finished off for me is even better:  2008 Topps Stadium Club.

The 2008 Stadium Club set was (if memory serves me right) Topps' reintroduction of the brand to the masses.  The '08 set was a rather confusing mess full of strange insertion rates, rarities, and even a "missing" card.  Part of the confusion of the set was with the 1st Day Issue cards.  There were two versions I believe, a hobby serially-numbered version and a retail version that wasn't numbered.  For the base set, the only way to get the "divide by 3" numbers in retail is to use the unnumbered First Day Issue cards for those spots in the set.  That's exactly what I chose to do back in '08...and here we are, ten years later and I've finally tracked down the last of the needed First Day Issue retail cards!

Despite all the confusion and mess that Topps made with the '08 Stadium Club set, I still love the set quite a bit.  Getting the final card that I needed for the base set makes me extremely happy - so thanks a million Dennis for that!

In addition to the set needs, I should also show off the pair of Frank Robinson cards that Dennis threw in to pad out the PWE.  What a fun package - and even more proof that it isn't only the huge trade packages that can provide tons of happiness (and set needs)!


night owl said...

I'm still working at that Stadium Club set. Think I have 4 cards left. Man that was a doozy.

Dennis said...

Huh, I didn't realize the retail Stadium Club set was like that! Anyway, get them sets done! You're nice and close on a number of them.

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