Friday, July 13, 2018

Flashback Friday! Going Back to 1990 for that Hologram Goodness.

Happy Friday, everyone!  For today's Flashback Friday post, I have an unopened pack of 1990 Upper Deck - High Number Series. 

According to the pack wrapper, there should be 15 cards plus one 3-D Team Logo Hologram in the pack.  There is also a chance to find one of the 2500 autographed Reggie Jackson Baseball Heroes you are saying there's a chance!

Let's rip this!

266.  Cal Ripken, Jr.

Well played Upper Deck...that's a great way to start a pack of cards!  I'm also 99% certain that I've never actually seen that card before.  It's a kind of dark photograph but I won't complain when I get to start a pack with the Iron Man.

84.  Atlanta Braves checklist

As a kid, I liked team specific checklists - it helped me see which Reds were included in a set (assuming I could track down the Reds' checklist of course).  However, today the internet has probably made team specific checklists obsolete.  Such is the price of progress I guess.  Also, John Smoltz looks super creepy in that drawing.  It had to be said.

69.  Rn Karkovice
793. Kevin Bass

The cards numbered 701 - 800 are part of the high series (though notice that the pack contains cards from the entire Upper Deck base set).  The high series is supposed to be the "traded/rookies" portion of the set.  In Bass' case, he went from the Astros to the Giants in 1990.

725.  Scott Radinsky
191.  Don Mattingly
199.  Al Newman
Hologram Sticker:  Indians

The 1990 Hologram stickers were sort of lame in that they were much, much smaller than other stickers issued at the time by companies like Fleer.  Even worse, Upper Deck hadn't exactly perfected the hologram yet - I always found the '90 stickers to be a bit lacking in logo clarity.

584.  Les Lancaster
581.  Randy Myers

Look at that card back image.  Wow, talk about a Flashback look!

686.  Bryan Harvey
692.  Todd Stottlemyre
312.  Mike Brumley
246.  Terry Steinbach
483.  Mike Flanagan
423.  Lenny Harris

That back half of the pack wasn't nearly as exciting or interesting as the first part...but overall it was still a fun rip!  The 1990 Upper Deck set was never a favorite of mine (I didn't get into Upper Deck until 1991) but I do think it was an improvement over the 1989 set.  I won't be collecting the 1990 set but I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to rip another pack of this stuff some day (or maybe even a box if I found one for super cheap)!


P-town Tom said...

Two HOFers to start the pack... not bad! Only two high series cards in the pack. Imagine if Update did something like that these days. Yikes!

TSHenson said...

Nice looking Indians sticker especially with the team moving away from the Chief Wahoo logo.

JediJeff said...

Randy is scooping the bleacher for some fine ladies.

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