This Blog is Nothing but Ginter Right Now (and I'm okay with that)

I recently opened up my first (of four) hobby boxes of 2018 Allen & Ginter.  While I was planning on ripping into the second box today, I ended up finding myself in Walmart last night where they had two blasters of '18 A&G on the shelf.

So.  Long story short, I now have two blasters of Allen & Ginter to rip through.  Since those are a quicker rip than a hobby box, let's dig into the retail side of things and see what's up there!

Blaster #1 (part 1):
Pack 1:
302.  Justin Turner
158.  Yonder Alonso
130.  Gary Sanchez
234.  Adam Wainwright

World's Greatest Beaches:
WGB-10.  Harbour Island

Exotic Sports mini:
MES-4.  Underwater Hockey

I believe the Exotic Sports minis are retail exclusives (1:8 packs) this year - so if you happen to pull any you don't want/need let me know!  I'd love to work out a trade for them since I doubt I'll be buying much more retail Ginter!

Pack 2:
230.  Tim Beckham
103.  Lucas Sims
10.  Jose Altuve

167.  Scott Kingery

Fantasy Goldmine:
FG-46.  Rod Carew

A&G back mini:
296. Taijuan Walker

The A&G back minis have long been my least favorite of all the mini variations in Ginter.  For whatever reason, they simply don't appeal to me (that said, I do want the Barry Larkin A&G back mini since I'm a crazy collector person who also has a double standard within my own collecting habits)!

Pack 3:
338.  Darryl Strawberry
53.  Mike Zunino
50.  Hank Aaron
153.  Sloane Stephens

Baseball Equipment of the Ages:
BEA-29.  Baseball Sweater

Indigenous Heroes:
MIH-25.  Maria Tallchief

Maria gets her fame from being a ballerina according to the card back.  As for the mini insert as a whole, the Indigineous Heroes are seeded 1:10 retail packs (same odds as in hobby packs). 

Pack 4:
290.  Ty Cobb
236.  Luis Castillo
63.  Luiz Gohara
38.  Jonathan Lucroy

World Talent:
WT-36.  Javier Baez

Flags of Lost Nations:
FLN-21.  Hawaii

Sweet, another new Flags of Lost Nations mini for me!  The Kingdom of Hawaii existed as such from 1894 to 1898 - long enough to get an official flag but not much else.

The blaster has 7 packs plus 1 bonus pack...or as we would call it, 8 packs.  I'll get to the second half later today if all goes well.  For the first half, I pretty much killed it with the minis - all but one were mini inserts (and the one that wasn't was a slightly rarer A&G back mini).  Not a bad blaster so far by any stretch of the imagination.


  1. That Hawaii flag is awesome! Can't wait to find one on COMC.

  2. I think double standards in collecting habits are almost mandatory.

  3. Yeah that Hawaii flag is on my searchlist. But if it really says Kingdom of Hawaii as existing from 1894-1898 I'm going to be pissed at Topps. 1894-1898 is the Republic of Hawaii. Hawaii was still a country but White landowners had overthrown the kingdom and were maneuvering for annexation by the US. The Kingdom was founded in the late 1700s and that particular flag was adopted in the mid 1800s.


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