Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Ginter Blaster #4: Like Pigeons to Bread Crumbs

A 2018 Allen & Ginter hobby box will set you back approximately $100.  An Allen & Ginter retail blaster will set you back approximately $20.  If you do the math, that means you can basically get five blasters for the price of a single hobby box (roughly speaking, let's not get too nitty-gritty here).

So what does any self-respecting mathematician do?  He goes out and buys five blasters, of course.

Alright, that's not exactly how it happened.  I bought a couple of blasters when they first showed up and then I've grabbed another three over my many trips to Wal-Mart for baby products (diapers, formula, and butt wipes mostly).  Anyhow, long story short is that I have a total of five blasters and I thought it'd be a good exercise to compare the contents of the combined blasters to that of the hobby boxes that I have already ripped.

Now, like I said, I have five total blasters so I first need to show off the highlights of the final two blasters prior to the stay tuned for lots of numbers - just not in this post!  Soon though, I promise.  For now, let's dip into blaster #4.

Blaster #4:
Packs 1 - 4:

As with some of my previous Ginter posts, I'm going to stop giving a card-by-card breakdown (too much to type) and instead show off what I deem as the highlights of the first four packs.  I'll get to the second half of this blaster (and then the final blaster) in future posts.

I got a single Red - a Jesse Winker base card.  

I'm only showing the card because I think it's worth looking at the design of this year's set.  After opening a bunch of packs of the product, I don't think I like the fake scroll design at the card bottom much....but it will serve to make 2018 Allen & Ginter cards more instantly recognizable as compared to previous years (which I appreciate).  Furthermore, the design still feels like it is Allen & Ginter - so while the scroll isn't my favorite, I think it fits within the set's theme and design quite nicely.

Now to the good stuff - the minis!

Only one mini insert in the first half - but it's a good one (in a Ginter-esque sort of way).  I mean, how often do you pull cards celebrating Drone Racing.

Heck, who even heard of Drone Racing before this card came along?  Certainly not me!

My other minis weren't as interesting - two regular backs (Chris Taylor and Rhys Hoskins) and then an A&G back of Corey Seager.

That's right, two of the three minis were Dodgers...  Cards of Dodgers seem to flock to me like pigeons to bread crumbs.

That does it for the first half of the blaster - not a lot to write home about here...let's hope the second half is a bit better!


Billy Kingsley said...

ESPN has actually televised drone racing. It's kind of cool but kind of phoney at the same time, mainly due to the way they present it.

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