Barry Larkin Collection 625: 1998 Topps Tek - #57 - Pattern 51

Barry Larkin
Year:  1998
Brand:  Topps Tek
Card number:  57
Pattern number:  51

This is the fourth 1998 Topps Tek Barry Larkin card in my collection.  As of this time of this post, I don't own any of the other remaining 86 (!) variations for the card, nor do I own any of the 89 (!!) variations of the diffractor parallel that also exist for the card. 

The only difference between each of the 90 Larkin base cards is the background pattern - that was the whole appeal of the Tek brand (which is obviously a love it or hate it sort of gimmick for collectors).  For me, I will admit that having even four of the Tek cards in a single binder page is pretty cool looking - I can only imagine what having all 90 of the base cards lined up in 10 binder pages would look like.  I also have a very small frame of reference so far in terms of the actual background design - but from what I've seen, Pattern 51 is one of the better patterns (a distinct "honeycomb" effect is happening here).  I like it - and hopefully someday I'll be able to track down some more of Larkin's 1998 Tek cards, though acquiring all 90 sure seems like a pipe dream right now!