Group Break: 2nd Team Assignments are Here!

The second team assignments for the group break are listed below.  I did the team assignments as a live video on YouTube (link here) if you'd like to see it in action.  If you only care about the end results, take a gander below.
Note:  Team trading is allowed - but both parties need to comment on THIS POST with their consent to the trade.  In the interest of fairness, I won't be trading any of my teams since I hope to start ripping the first box later tonight (and ideally posting box contents starting tomorrow if I can get the scans done in time)!

In text form (sorry the formatting went haywire), here are the team assignments:

1.  Atlanta Braves        Nachos Grande 1. Tampa Bay Rays
2.  Boston Red Sox        Nachos Grande 2. Oakland Athletics
3.  Chicago White Sox Jedi Jeff                 3. Minnesota Twins
4.  Chicago Cubs         P-Town Tom         4. Kansas City Royals
5.  Cincinnati Reds        Nachos Grande 5. Los Angeles Angels
6.  Colorado Rockies Adam K.                 6. New York Mets
7.  Houston Astros         Bru                         7. Texas Rangers
8.   Los Angeles Dodgers Nachos Grande 8. Milwaukee Brewers
9.  New York Yankees Tim B.                  9. Detroit Tigers
10.  Philadelphia Phillies Jordan         10. Toronto Blue Jays
11.  Pittsburgh Pirates Wade Fisher         11. Miami Marlins
12.  San Francisco Giants Nick V         12. San Diego Padres
13.  Seattle Mariners Nachos Grande 13. Cleveland Indians
14.  St. Louis Cardinals Madding                  14. Baltimore Orioles
15.  Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos CaptKirk42 15. Arizona Diamondbacks

Or, if it's easier to read, here's a screenshot of my Excel file showing the same information:

That's it for now.  Like I said, if you are interested in trading teams both parties need to consent via comments on this post.


  1. Anyone here want the Blue Jays? I feel as though I've gotten them in the last few group breaks I've entered.


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