Group Break: FIVE Slots Remain (Red Sox, Mets, Pirates, Tigers, Orioles, Braves, and More)!

Slowly but surely, my Rockin' Retro group break is filling up.  At the moment, I have only five slots remaining.  Remember, each slot is a "pick one team, get one random" and IF I can fill the entire break before Saturday the worst performing slot will get a special bonus.  For more details on that, plus the group break sign-ups please visit the group break page here.

As for what teams remain, there are a ton of great options yet (including a number of teams that are usually quite popular for late 90s, early 00s group breaks)!Arizona Diamondbacks -

  • Atlanta Braves  
  • Baltimore Orioles 
  • Boston Red Sox  
  • Cleveland Indians 
  • Detroit Tigers 
  • Kansas City Royals 
  • Los Angeles Angels 
  • Los Angeles Dodgers 
  • Miami Marlins 
  • Milwaukee Brewers 
  • Minnesota Twins 
  • New York Mets 
  • Oakland Athletics 
  • Pittsburgh Pirates 
  • San Diego Padres 
  • Seattle Mariners 
  • Tampa Bay Rays 
  • Texas Rangers 
  • Toronto Blue Jays 

Like I said, go here to sign up - you don't want to miss out on EIGHT boxes of goodies!!

All of the boxes are in hand and ready to go - so as soon as the break fills, I will begin busting boxes and displaying their contents on the blog.  I'd love to start this weekend when I have some free time so let's get this thing full ASAP!