Group Break: Fleer Tradition is Easily an Overlooked Gem from '98!

I mean, I certainly didn't overlook 1998 Fleer Tradition since it is a set that I am actively working on collecting, but man, this set doesn't get nearly the love I think it deserves.  If you aren't convinced of that yet, let's take a gander at a few more packs and see if I can convince of how great this set really is.

Fleer Tradition:
Pack 13:
504.  Hideo Nomo - Dodgers
512.  Dave Mlicki - Mets
406.  Armando Benitez - Orioles
379.  Todd Hollandsworth - Dodgers (needed it!)
560.  Mark Lewis - Phillies
579.  Roger Clemens - Blue Jays
549.  Devon White - Diamondbacks

400.  Masato Yoshii - Mets
443.  Pedro Astacio
Vintage '63:  124.  Paul Sorrento - Rays
Diamond Ink:  Alex Rodriguez (10 pts)

Pack 14:
360.  Bobby Abreu - Phillies
472.  Chad Ogea - Indians
376.  Jose Canseco - Blue Jays

459.  Walt Weiss - Braves
559.  Darrin Fletcher - Blue Jays
407.  Joe Randa - Tigers
506.  Jesus Sanchez - Marlins
474.  Bobby Smith - Rays
490.  Denny Neagle - Braves
Vintage '63:  119.  Joey Hamilton - Padres
Diamond Ink:  Jay Buhner (1 pt)

Even the backs of the cards are well done.  I love the different colors for the teams in the stat box - and the little write-up on each card is well done too.  Throw in a second image plus a super easy to read "jersey" team name in the background and you've got a winner in my book!

Pack 15:
571.  Jose Cruz Jr. - Blue Jays
427.  Sean Berry - Astros
412.  Mike Stanley - Blue Jays
529.  Shane Andrews - Expos  (needed it!)
557.  Jose Offerman - Royals
361.  Chris Widger - Expos
466.  Brian Jordan - Cardinals
405.  Karim Garcia - Diamondbacks
568.  Miguel Cairo - Rays

Vintage '63:  108.  Chuck Knoblauch - Yankees

Diamond Ink:  Jay Buhner (1 pt)

Pack 16:
479.  Marty Cordova - Twins
526.  Mark McLemore - Rangers
460.  Darren Dreifort - Dodgers
378.  Dave Burba - Indians  (needed it!)
556.  Jaime Navarro - White Sox
517.  Jose Mesa - Indians
473.  A.J. Hinch - Athletics
446.  Todd Zeile - Marlins
Vintage '63:  103.  Todd Walker - Twins
Promising Forecast:  14 of 20 PF.  Magglio Ordonez - White Sox

Diamond Ink:  Nomar Garciaparra (1 pt)

Tthe Promising Forecast cards are seeded 1:12 packs and this is only our second of the box (which means we should find one more still).  The weather theme works for me, I like the card design - and I like that it feels like an actual insert in what is otherwise a fairly "safe" set design.

Now it's your turn to give me more feedback.

For those that actually read the Group Break pack breakdowns, how many cards/packs do you like to see in a single post.  For me, I tend to break them down into a series of smaller posts because that's what I prefer to read but I might be in the minority.  Chime in and let me know, there's still 7 more boxes to go and I have plenty of time to change things up to make the break run as smoothly as possible for everyone involved (participants and blog readers alike)!

Finally, for those that are wondering how my goal of completing my own set is going, after the three cards from this group of packs I am up to 11 total new cards for my set.  Still a long ways to go but at least the total number missing is now less than 25 cards from Series 2.  I guess I'll take that for now.


  1. I've been reading through each pack breaks, and I appreciate that you list each card. IMO, you could post 8 packs per post without going too long (but I'm not going to complain about long posts.)

  2. OMG - a White Sox HOT PACK!!!! Those are the first ChiSox cards from the box.

    And your posting is just fine and dandy.

  3. Not in the break, but I've been reading. Enjoying how youre piting them.

  4. 1. 1998 is an underrated card year. Several awesome sets and some other really good ones in there.

    2. Totally cool with your posting rate. I might do up to 6 packs per post for smaller packs. I do appreciate that you list each card.

  5. I'd agree 6-8 packs, four is just a tease

  6. I don't know what is going on there on Miguel Cairo's card, but I like it!

  7. Yeah whatever you've been doing so far is fine.


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